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SEO+ Campaign
For Tempo Window Cleaning

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Homepage Data

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New 35 backlinks (homepage)

External backlink anchor text to homepage and sub pages

SEO+ Information for Tempo Window Cleaning

35 backlinks to be “dripped” into various pages of website over the space of 3 weeks.

The site is already doing great for window cleaning services in Bexhill, so the main focus is Driveway and Patio services. 

It will be best to focus all backlinks on a couple keywords rather than multiple. Other services such as roof cleaning, gutter cleaning should overall see a boost too since we will be pushing backlinks to the homepage which links internally to sub pages.

We are extremely happy with the website that Futumu have created for us. It is visually appealing, clean, easy to navigate and responsive – everything we asked for. The CMS is intuitive and user friendly. Clayton was a pleasure to work with and has offered advice and support post launch. We would definitely recommend Clayton to others.
Kristen Fisher
Director @ IGL Films

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