Free Trial

1a. This is in relation to any free trial we offer, most commonly our 2 months free trial; promoted on our homepage. Any free trial we offer follows our terms of service below. To use our free trial a bank card or card number must be used for your records. No payment will be removed from your account during the free trial period (apart from if 1b is relevant: see 1b).

1b. If we need to buy you a domain during the trial period, we will bill you the cost of this.

1c. If you choose not to go ahead with our service after the trial period; the cost of the domain in question is non refundable.

Our Service

1a. We offer a website design service package here at Futumu Inc. This includes the following: a complete design of a website made with WordPress and relevant plugins and addons made by us to “promote” your company or person.

1b. We offer “free” addons included with our service. This is in relation to hosting and other plugins. We cover the cost of hosting while our service is being used and paid for during our subscription of £12 a month

1ca. We have the right to not offer hosting if we feel relevantly needed to. Furthermore, we have full ownership of any hosting, seo work, website build, wordpress website, logos, graphics or any other work done, purchased by us or included under our service before, during and after use of our service, paid annually, monthly or any other payment method or time period; if and when purchased under our name. Our service is for us to “promote” and advertise your company or personal “blog” via a website made and owned by us. By agreeing to our terms you agree you have no ownership of any website, service addon, hosting that we provide or buy on your behalf.

1cb. Furthermore, if any of the above (see 1ca) is download or copied or used by yourself or a party working on your behalf without our approval or without the simultaneous use of our services, we hold the right to bill you for the total sum of £200 annually per website/website build.

1d. If you have any domain that you may own and transferred to us, you will cover any extra cost involved to do so, ether by your previous domain provider or any third party company. If we purchase a domain on your behalf and you choose to leave, you will cover any extra cost involved to transfer the domain to an account held by you or a third party company working on your behalf.

1e. Any domain you have bought previously or during our service, using nameservers to point towards our hosting account will allow you to keep ownership of any domain name used.

2. Our service can only be used using our hosting account, we hold the right to decline use of any other method.

3. We have the right to deny access to any back-end data, details or information on your hosting, domain or wordpress website. We have strong rules to not allow any other person or people other than Futumu and members of the futumu team to access ether control pannel or wp-admin of your website; this includes yourself or any other third party company working on your behalf. This is strictly non changeable.

3a. We will not share, send or give any files that we own. This includes files containing any part or the whole of your website, this includes you or any other company,  person or third party that maybe working on your behalf. See 1c.

4. On the possibility of no longer using our service, you agree to losing our full service and everything included,  this includes any SEO work done, website build, wordpress files, graphics, content, images, hosting and anything else offered under our service, even if payment has been made to cover our service in the time in question.

4a. Many factors can lead to (4), such as non cooperation to our team, aggressive behavior, threatening behavior, slanderous behavior, leaving on your own accord, non payment, non full payment, late payment of our service.

4b. Upon departure on our service, you acknowledge that we have no right or obligation to release the domain we bought on your behalf or that you transferred to Futumu or provide you with any files, access to files or anything else that is and was included with our service. In some occasions we can also deny the above too even with on-going subscription and payment to our service; if we feel it’s in our best interest.

5. If a dispute may occur during your time with us and you choose to cancel/end our services, you understand that it is your responsibility to “undo” or revert back to how your domain/website was before worked started with us.


We include SEO within our service. We can not guarantee you will get views, clicks, sales or any business via our SEO service or website design service. Our service allows you to be shown “better” in Google and other search engines, and though it will more than likely help your company in growing in the topics mentioned, we can not guarantee

Payments and subscriptions

1a. By signing up with your details, you give us permission to withdraw, deposit any funds into and out of your account used for payment method; whenever payment is needed for our service.

1b. You agree to the sum of £12 paid monthly to cover the cost of our service. Failure to pay this amount can lead to termination of any work we have done so far and work we plan on doing in the future.

1c. Signing up with a free trial, you agree that after the trial is over, you give us permission to bill you the cost of our service for the annual payment and any other payment that is relevant in your situation. You acknowledge that we can do this without the need to mention to you or any person, people or company working on your behalf. You acknowledge it is your responsibility to ask for an invoice of any payment made to Futumu Inc.


You acknowledge that all payments are final, once a transaction has been made, a payment becomes non refundable. This applies to all services we offer. In cases where a member of the Futumu Team have billed you in error; then you hold the right to refund you the differential amount


By signing up to our service and agreeing to our terms, you acknowledge that we may update, change, remove any terms of service if we feel fit, without the need to mention to you or any person, people or company working on your behalf. To stay current to our service features please feel free to contact us (link below) and talk to a team member.

We recommend you print this page with a clear date for your records