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Learn about on-page & off-page SEO

What's the difference?

Within ranking in Google, 2 main factors are taken into account. Both on-page SEO & off-page SEO. 

Off-Page SEO (Backlinking)

Off-page SEO is the things done "off" the website that influence ranking. There are many factors that fall under this, such as social media & backlinks. This can be done by yourself to help boost your website higher in the search results in Google

On-Page SEO

As the word says, everything "on" the website is under this. Such as keyword density, title and meta descriptions, H1 tags, outbound links and so on. You don't have to worry about this too much as we do all this on-page seo for you as part of our service.

Your Off-page SEO strategies

Tackling off-page SEO

Now that you know the difference between both on-page off-page SEO; and what each involves. What can you do with this infomation? 


Now the first and most important thing to note is, "good" SEO doesn't happen overnight. You can't realistically expect your website to be at the top of your keywords right away, as much as we would love this for you, Google just doesn't work that way. It takes time.


If you follow our steps below, we can guarantee that you will boost your rankings in google. Having said this, results are different for everyone; depending on your competition for your location and service etc. Being at the top of Google isn't a get rich fast method, it is a long term reliable method for your company and website. It will take time and effort.

Your Off-page SEO strategies


Backlinking, is without a doubt the best action you can do for your website to help ranking. Backlinking can be a tricky game though, you need to make sure you are getting not only relevent backlinks but also good quality backlinks. Remember, quality over quantity.  

Get backlinks from relevent sites

The best way to start this is to talk to other companies in your industry or location. Maybe you have friends who already have a website. Get in touch with them and ask them if they can link to your website on theirs. Watch the video below to learn more.

We get the backlinks for you

We understand not everyone has the time to get backlinks, so we can do it for you. We offer an exclusive backlinks service to our clients, of 15 high authority (and permanent) backlinks for £60. We make no profit from this, this is simply to help our clients out. If you would like this, be sure to get in touch.

Your Off-page SEO strategies

Social media

Though not as influential as backlinks, social media places a big part in ranking in Google. Think of it this way, if your company or website isn’t being talked about on social media; it means it isn’t relevant to people. Google see’s this and deems it not relevant for them either 

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

If you don't already have a social media accounts for your company, this is something you should do. If you already do have one, great! Next, make sure it's all upto date with your information, services and linking to your website.

Keep active

Next thing to do is to make sure you are keeping active on your accounts. Post a new status every day or other day about your company, link to your website, add a picture, reply to comments. Whatever it maybe, make sure you're showing Google you're alive.

Your sites performance

Reflect your results

Once you’ve done the previous steps on off-page SEO strategies, check in on your results from time to time

Your position in Google

Google usually takes 2-3 months for any backlinks to take any effect. You can check Google for your keywords to see your position. Take the results with a pinch of salt, positions fluctuate all the time (Known as the "Google Dance") but this will give you a rough idea of where your website sits in the authoritative status for your keywords

Repeat the process

Depending on your consistency, amount of good quality backlinks, social media impact and keyword rank-ability will determine if you need to continue to add more backlinks (from different sites than previous) or not. It's always best to be actively getting backlinks. I would suggest take an hour each week to get backlinks. Even if it's only one backlink here and there, if you are constant about it, they add up and it shows Google you are always talked about and relevant.

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