Bespoke Workout Programs

I pride myself on putting professionalism and scientifically proven training methods put into the regimen.

I keep my traditional training at the core, but with the combination of my old school Thai Champion and Strength and Conditioning expertise, you will run through a regimen where your limits will be pushed and your body will be tested; all without being battered and overtrained on a consistent basis as is often the case in Thailand.

Depending on your fitness level, age, group size and other influencing factors impacts what kind of bespoke training program best suits you. A typical workout program covers the following:

Depending on your level it may seem like a lot of work. If you are an over achiever it may seem like not enough. In both scenarios you can be promised a middle ground. I will push you to your limit, but your voice and communication will serve as the perfect tool to reaching the goals you have set when first arriving at your training

To Fight Or Not To Fight?

If you have any questions or would simply like a friendly chat to discus your needs and to get the best training for you, please be sure to get in touch via my contact details

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced martial artist, Liam Patel has classes to suit all.

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